Friday, October 17, 2008

BigTV launches Diwali Promotion with PhotosIndia Image

Big TV DTH service of Reliance Communications launched their Diwali Dhamaka Offer with PhotosIndia Image.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Winds of Change for this Diwali

This Diwali lets pray for peace. Coming from me that is a prophetic statement because like a lot of us I really look forward to the sweets and gifts that pour in at this time of the year. Many times I have wondered if this kind of commercial, wanton greed is healthy but since I share it with so many charged- up-Diwali-loving Indians, my guilt is reduced. So this year the quandary is “to shop or not to shop”, well, shop we all will have to, after all tradition, relationships and ego massaging is very much called for in the urban work and life culture. So the quandary shifts to “what to buy?” I have done a little homework in that area and I would sincerely encourage readers to try and opt for one of these products as their Diwali gift for the year. Budgets aside, a lot lies in the thought, purpose and objective of the gift, if you are a discerning gift giver, you would spend some time on your choices just to be sure the right gifts reach the right recipient.

The main idea of this exercise is to not only compliment the friends and family in our lives but also to extend positive vibes through our actions. There is no one thing you can do to solve the problems your loved ones face but you can participate in the alleviation of that problem. Kind words are just the beginning; incorporate a small prayer of peace at home, at work, for friends, for family, in your country and let the message manifest through your gifts.

1. Potted plants
Lucky Bamboos are truly passé, I mean they work and they look good but most of us either have them or have had them. Check out for really unique plant gifts. Especially the landscapes, which work very well outdoors and since plants obtain nourishment differently, a landscape miniature garden is actually very easy to maintain. A Jade bonsai on the other hand is said to bring luck and happiness, so that would be thoughtful too. If you want to be really hands on, go get a beautiful ceramic pot and ask your local nursery to suggest a pretty perennial plant and that’s your customized Diwali gift.

2. Artwork
Look for that quaint artwork shop in your local market; check up with friends to find an artist in the group or simply Google it. Once you have a theme and budget in mind, it’s a matter of identifying the right source and you could well do a range of Buddha portraits as your Diwali gift. I have decided to commission three such pieces for very dear friends simply because I want my gift to be accompanied with blessings too.

3. Organic Produce
I love and recommend, based in New Delhi; this organic store is online but very reliable and efficient. Try the honey from lychee flowers, add an exotic Rhododendron Jam (yes the plant!!!), mix that up with blood purifying fruits like Pomegranates and I think that makes a pretty healthy basket. Do a little research; most metros have awesome organic stores to choose from.

4. Music
I have developed a special liking for the ‘Best of Soundscapes’ CD collection available from Music Today, apart from that contemporary music can be as uplifting. After all the idea is bring a new dimension into your friends/family’s lives, introduce them to a new experience, a rejuvenating, happy experience. In western music, Sade has beautifully positive vibes, so try one of her albums. The Buddha Lounge collections are easy listening and good for urban chill time. Again you want to go very personal, then develop a collection of your own and burn it for your friends, take a quick Photoshop tutorial and make your own CD cover too.

5. Literature
Here I’d like to recommend the ‘Calm Sutra’, apart from the catchy name, the contents of the book are awe inspiring too. Published by Times of India, it promises simple truths to beat stress. The ‘Festivals of the World’ series of coffee table books are very eclectic and informative too. My personal favorite for this year is however “A Thousand Splendid Suns’ which is definitely going to two of my girlfriends.

The mood of the world is generally dismal, global slowdowns, recessions, security threats and political instability. Not a lot to look forward to unless you vow to make everyday worthwhile, for yourselves and the people around you. Add a touch of calm, a feeling of serenity and spread joy, for everyday is worth it.