Monday, March 30, 2009

The time is NOW

We have all heard about the state of the global economy, we are all living this reality. For all the cynicism you may have collected about the call centers that call you all day, put it all away for a while and seriously consider your savings and investments. The time is now. Simply because the sense of insecurity is fresh and most of us are likely to react only when the times are bad. So we wish all of you better prospects now and forever but that's no reason to be ignorant. For once, listen to what the ad tells you. Sincerely,

Sunday, March 29, 2009 in nooks and crannies!

We are always amazed at where our images land up. I know we are globally available but it is still always a pleasant surprise. This image in particular is an in house favourite, the rest of the set is rich, vibrant and very festive, so I can imagine why the design agency selected this one. Whether they are addressing us or our neighbours, I am glad they found their signature images at This ad is from Bahrain!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Get It Right!

Slick campaigns need the right image to make an adequate impact. If you really want your 'copy' to scream, be sure to get your visuals right. Ideal campaigns ride on a healthy mix of words and visuals, grabbing a larger audience. Some people react to strong sentiments woven into interesting text and some just need a picture to move them. The Best bet is to spend time in selecting or creating the right image for your ad, complimenting it with a powerful message and letting people decide if it gets them in the gut or not. For easy access to high quality Indian and international images, log on to

Monday, January 5, 2009

Plan it Right

Time for financial planning, taxes, savings and scrimping. You are likely to see a plethora of financial brands screaming 'choose us' from bill boards and from advertisements. The coming 3 months mean - money, money, money, going out more than coming in unfortunately. For ample exposure and certified eyeballs, these finance companies need that one strong image to say everything they want to say, the copy has almost become immaterial, with images that exude emotion and expression, there seems to be no need for words! Here's saying it for CitiFinancial!