Monday, December 22, 2008

Aiding the Real Estate boom.

The global economic situation maybe facing a slowdown but the same cannot be said for Indian Real Estate. I don't know the demand statistics or the sales estimates these builders have made but I do know that every week there is a new apartment complex added to the burgeoning real estate layout of a suburb/city like Gurgaon. Here too provides the ideal picture for the future home of hundreds of aspiring, young Indian families. on a bestseller!

Monica Pradhan has probably had it up to her neck with comparisons to Amy Tan but that just can't be helped. The underlying emotions, the mothers and their daughters, the cooking and the culture within is all so Tan-esque. The Hindi Bindi Club is being touted as the Indian version of Amy Tan's wonderfully descriptive books about her, her mother, their Chinese heritage and the land of dreams, the US. Catch on the cover of Monica Pradhan's new offering, The Hindi Bindi Club, that name is almost perfect for images!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Winter magic with

Cozy up with warm images of beautiful people. stocks images to suit every season, be it the hot, hot Delhi summer or the cool environs of the mountains, we have it all. What is interesting is that clothing and lifestyle brands now want an expression, a face, a real person to convey their message rather than a group of mannequin like models dressed in their designs. In an ideal advertising situation, it is better to not showcase designs and patterns as buyers are known to abstain from buying garments displayed in advertisements. Though it is very much the ad that brings the crowds in, it isn't always for the apparel they saw in the ad, it is more for how the model in the ad looks and how he or she makes the buyer feel. Ultimately, you want to feel exactly like the model in those pictures.